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Explore the transformative power of hypnosis as a unique gateway to strengthen the bonds of connection in relationships. Dive into a world where hypnotic techniques unlock hidden communication patterns, fostering deep understanding, and creating an intimate space where partners can rediscover each other with newfound empathy and closeness.


Maintaining A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are getting more complicated these days.  So much stress in our lives. Discovering that our perfect match is not so perfect after all.

Sometimes relationships just become overwhelming and couples breakup or get divorced.  It's never an easy decision to make.

Either way, it always leave couples feeling pain, hurt, guilt, anger, frustration, bitter, sad, lonely and depressed! For some people, they have given up hope for love to come by completely!

If I told you that, it doesn’t always have to be this way! There is hope! There are definitely choices to make either way…

I’m not talking about couples going for counseling; where couples turn up to see whether their relationship has a chance to patch things up, or end it. I’m also not talking about where you couples take turn talking about their feelings and how things have happened, who to blame, whose responsible for all the misgivings in the relationship. Last but not least, having to disclose all your private issues right there and then!

If I were to ask you how this makes you feel? I can only imagine what that scene would look like … There both of you. You probably can’t even look at each other. Knowing there is so much hurt between you. You can’t even imagine that the love between you once existed. But you’ve forced yourselves to be there …. so you can save your relationship and your family. Sometimes, you may even feel that the mediator is taking sides. You can only hope that things do work out fine, because both of you have gone through so much, and everything is at stake! You maybe thinking I just want out! Or on the other hand, things are moving so fast, that you're not even sure whether or not, you should be doing this.

What if I told you that your scenario does not have to take place at all …

I believe that any type of relationship you are in; it’s always better when couples do their part, to work on their “self-healing”.


Don't you think it take two people to fall in love?

Doesn't it also take two people to spark an argument and fight?  

Lastly, doesn’t it take two people to make up?


You know the answer is YES to all of the above!

  • My commitment to you, is that I would not put you both in a confrontational situation with each other.

  • In fact your couple's sessions are not going to be done side by side. Where there is already a lot of tension between both of you.

  • You don’t even have to be both present like you are going to see a counselor.

  • Your couple's hypnosis sessions are confidential. I will not share what we are working on in your individuals session. 

  • Likewise, both of you don't even discuss amongst yourselves what you did in your individual sessions with me.

  • You may be curious to ask me, how does "Hypnosis for Relationships" work for us?

Image by Chermiti Mohamed

"Hypnosis for Relationships" Wellness Plan

When both couples are ready to commit to doing “Hypnosis for Relationships” for wellness: Initially there will be an individual consultation to do with the issues and challenges about the relationship. Followed by a customized individual session, for both couples. The wellness plan that consists of 5 sessions (one set for each person). They don’t have to be conducted the same date for both couples. I understand that most couples are working and balancing family life. Therefore, I will work with the individual what is the best time and date to do hypnosis.

The sessions are designed to work on the individual's challenges in the relationship. The focus point is the ‘self-healing” and not about the other person. It’s like doing a private fitness workout with your personal coach.

Each person has their challenges, goals and to work on their thought process and healing.

“Hypnosis for Relationships” for wellness, is unique and holistic, because it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle to save a relationship or to struggle to stay in a relationship that maybe toxic for some couples. In fact, it takes away the physical and emotional stress and experience of going for counseling and having to disclose all the hurtful things that has happened in the relationship. “Hypnosis for Relationships” for wellness, does however, help couples really work on their inner self . To find clarity and meaning of what they truly feel; as a couple and as an individual.

I encourage couples to try “Hypnosis for Relationships” for wellness first, before taking that big step to the unknown!

You will definitely save time, money and a lot of stress and emotional battle of going through separation and divorce.

“Hypnosis for Relationships” for wellness, can only enhance the relationship so that both couples can go on living a life they are destined to live and not waste time any more than they already have.


On the other hand, “Hypnosis for Relationships” for wellness can also help couples, that even if they decide to go separate ways, you can part amicably and perhaps even be friends. 

“Hypnosis for Relationships” for wellness, is designed to work to find the root cause of the problem for the individual.

Most of the time, things did not fall apart, at the same time as, what the other partner’s felt it to have begun.

Secondly, understanding what that root cause is, and how you are going to make changes, with what you have discovered, so that you can live and navigate your lives as a couple for a better future together and be both on a healing path.

The "Hypnosis for Relationships" wellness, is a win win! Either way, you will come out feeling a lot better about yourselves!

Once both couples have completed their individual “Hypnosis for Relationships” for wellness; both couples come together for a single hypnosis session with me. Tying everything we have worked on.

Let's Get Started On The New You

Let's schedule a call to see where hypnosis can help you!

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