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My Approach

Hi! My name is April Wijeratne. At Revitalize Hypnosis, my goal is to empower individuals to make positive changes and improvements in their lives through the use of hypnosis. By using a holistic approach, various aspects of an individual's life can be taken into account to provide a comprehensive solution for their specific needs and goals.

By taking the time to understand the desires and any limiting beliefs that a client may have, we can create a personalized plan that addresses their unique challenges and needs together.


I believe it's important to clarify that I have a non-judgmental and supportive approach to enable the feeling of comfort and security in sessions. I focus on helping my clients access their inner wisdom and guidance to release any physical tension and create a positive vision for their future. I'm committed to working with each client to create an individualized plan that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. I strongly believe that hypnosis is a powerful tool that can bring lasting results in various areas of life.

To ensure that progress made during the hypnosis sessions is maintained, a follow-up process is included after the initial session. With this, any other issues that may have arisen can be addressed promptly.


At Revitalize Hypnosis, I strive to create a safe and welcoming environment where clients feel heard and understood. I am dedicated to guiding them through the process of hypnosis and empowering them to take control of their lives and achieve their desired goals.


In summary, the work I do at Revitalize Hypnosis is centered around providing a comprehensive and holistic solution through hypnosis. By taking the time to understand clients' unique needs and goals, I can help empower individuals to make positive changes and improvements in their lives.

My Journey

My Journey

When I had my first child, I wanted so much to be part of his world and wanted to connect to the community of parenting and teaching. So I got certified and became a preschool teacher. As a former preschool teacher, I discovered my passion for helping children thrive not only in the classroom, but also at home. I sought out advanced education, obtaining certification from Harvard University to continue my growth as a teacher. Over the years, I received growing feedback from parents and saw firsthand the positive impact of my teaching methods on the children under my care.

But I soon realized that it wasn't just children who needed help. Millions of people are struggling with stress, depression, anger, fear, sadness, and loneliness. That's when I turned my attention to hypnosis, as a way to help ease the mental strain that so many people are facing. I became a certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, one of the largest hypnosis associations in the USA.

I firmly believe in the power of hypnosis to help people overcome stress, anxiety, bad habits, physical and emotional pain, low self-esteem, and other issues that can hold them back. And I want to share that belief with you. If you're struggling with any of these problems, I encourage you to give hypnosis a try. Revitalize Hypnosis is the level of care you've been looking for.


What have you got to lose? Give it a try and see the difference it can make in your life!

Areas of Expertise

 5-PATH®  Hypnosis

At Revitalize Hypnosis, I offer 5-Path Hypnosis - a holistic approach to hypnosis that addresses the unique needs and goals of each individual. I will create an individualized plan tailored to your specific needs, aiming to help you create positive and lasting changes in your personal and professional life. From breaking habits, to improving physical well-being, or achieving your goals, 5-Path Hypnosis may be the solution for you.

 7-PATH Self Hypnosis®

Introducing 7-Path Self-Hypnosis, this empowers individuals to take control of their well-being and make positive changes in their lives through a step by step process including Mind, Heart, Spirit, Body, Future, Action, and Self-Hypnosis. The approach includes learning to self-induce hypnosis for a greater control over well-being. At Revitalize Hypnosis, I will create an individualized plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Mindset Coaching

At Revitalize Hypnosis, I also offer Mindset Coaching, which is a powerful tool that helps individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, and to develop a positive and empowering mindset. This can help to improve overall well-being and to achieve greater success in all areas of life.

Hypnosis Credentials

I am certified and registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists. I am bound by professional ethics and the laws of the state of Texas.


In addition, I have achieved extra certification in the advanced hypnotherapy system called  5-PATH® and 7 Path Self Hypnosis®. I am very passionate about helping my clients succeed in living a better & healthier life! My relationship with my clients is very important to me. So that I can be an effective coach to guide you and help you where you struggle the most. Through hypnosis we can uncover underlying issues that burden you;  and together we can release these burdens by having a better understanding of what it is and get ready to surprise yourself with the changes you will make, to be a better you!


National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. 

5-PATH Association of Hypnosis Professionals –  Certified Hypnosis Professional

Certified Master Hypnotist

5-PATH International Association of Hypnosis Professionals


Certified Consulting Hypnotist

 National Guild of Hypnotists


5-PATH Hypnotist

 5-PATH International Association of Hypnosis Professionals


7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher

Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc.


Other Credentials

Positive Psychology

Harvard Health Publishing

Harvard Medical School

Screenshot 2024-01-13 164941.png
Understanding Depression

Harvard Health


Harvard Medical School

Early Childhood Development: Global Strategies Implementation


Harvard University

Family Engagement in Education


Harvard University

Solid Gold  Certification

National Guild of Hypnosis

Las Vegas

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