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About Revitalize Hypnosis

Welcome to Revitalize Hypnosis, where the journey to self-discovery and transformation begins. Our top priority is to help individuals cultivate their inner selves and strengths through finding the root causes of their struggles, helping them reach their full potential with the guidance of hypnosis.


Finding clarity and understanding what the root causes are is the beginning of the journey that leads to the healing process. In life, one must clear its path of destruction in order to be able to move forward easily, one step at a time. In doing so, individuals can navigate their life successfully.


While there is a common stigma around hypnosis for its publicly portrayed theatrical elements, hypnosis is a guided form of relaxation done with a certified hypnotist to address prominent conflict in an individual's life.

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The first step is the hardest. Starting the healing process involves the initiative to work on yourself. A change must happen in order to do better. At the end of the day, it's not where you come from that matters, it's where you're going. Trying something new may leave you feeling anxious. However, at Revitalize Hypnosis, we are here with you every step of the way. By moving at a comfortable pace and providing guidance to assist you in the healing process, you can focus on a new and revitalized you.

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Naomi B.

Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve always had an interest in hypnosis, but never made the effort to give it a try – that was until I met April. I came across Revitalize Hypnosis after seeing her website. Once I completed a pre-assessment with April, I knew that she was someone that I wanted to pursue hypnosis with. From the very beginning, she provided a holistic approach to healing. April expressed a genuine concern in my mental health and well-being. She took the time to really get to know me in all of my entirety. Now that I have had the opportunity to meet with April throughout multiple sessions, I am glad that she was the first and only person to take me through this practice. With April’s guidance, I was able to find peace within myself. She helped me understand that I had the power to help myself through any given challenge.
She motivated me to look deep into my persona and consider who I really am. With April’s help, I came to realize the root of my pain and the core of emotions that once seemed impossible to manage. After just one session with April, I noticed the positive changes that manifested in my life. I no longer engaged in behavior that was detrimental to my mental health, my anxiety began to ease, and my overwhelming thoughts seemed to dissipate. This practice of hypnosis saw me through many different emotions – there were times where I found myself smiling, times where I couldn’t stop crying, times where my anger felt greater than me. April taught me the importance of confronting all of these feelings and in doing so, I no longer associated them with fear.
I don’t feel as though I have to run from my problems, or myself, anymore. Now, I know how to embrace adversity and  prevent negative experiences from overpowering my being. With hypnosis, I learned how to forgive myself. I discovered self-love and self-worth. Thank you April for your guidance in this life-changing experience."
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